An online program that teaches the English language through reading.

Research shows students can learn extensive English expressions and skills by reading wide varieties of books with diverse themes and genres.
At the same time, the student will be exposed to the Western culture which is integral to understanding the written language.

Currently, the Wonderful Elite library contains 1,700 eBooks for you to choose from.

Our ultimate goal is to continually add to our library until it contains over 3,000 eBooks. We hope to reach this goal by the end of 2016.

Wonderful Elite offers a wide variety of both fiction and nonfiction reading materials

The fiction side of the house offers picture books, short stories, classic fairy tales and more. The nonfiction side offers eBooks in subjects such as the humanities, the sciences, mathematics, social studies, and biographies. Many of the eBooks contain pictures and illustrations that aid in the comprehension process.

Wonderful Elite offers two ways to select your reading material.

One option is called the “guided course” where the program chooses your eBooks for you. The other option allows you to choose your own eBooks. You can easily switch between the two options.


As you go through our program, it’s important to track your overall progress. Our program generates reports as you complete each comprehension level. These reports indicate which books you’ve read and whether or not you’ve passed the comprehension test for each book.